Rocky Tom Glamour Boy Rockstar


Adopted May 1, 2005. Rocky was just interested in leaving, and when we got home, food. I couldn't tell much about him from the start other than he was young.

Microchip #  Rocky 078 526 378

Rocket was a silly name for a cat, so we shortened it to Rocky for the time being.  James wanted to call him Tom, but by that time he was seeming to respond to Rocky.  He became Rocky Tom.  Shortly thereafter I added his Rockstar!  Officially now, he is Rocky Tom Rockstar.  He just has that flamboyant rockstar look. He is also known as the Big Boy, Boy Boy, Nang Nang (because he also speaks Chinese), and RockaBoy.


The holidays of 2006 brought about a revision to Rocky's name.  He's such a glamour boy that it has been added. As you can see, he is always ready for a close up.


Rocky got used to the new house rather quickly.  Learning how to open cabinets and flopping around on the carpet is his specialty. He is still terrified of meeting new people, regardless of if they feed him.  He spent much of the time during the holidays in the bathroom cabinet.  Occasionally we find all the kitchen cabinets open a few inches.  We think he likes to leave evidence of having been investigating.


Banner boy is another name we call him when he is visiting for pets.  He flops his tail (banner) around on everything he walks past and makes his whiney "pet me" sounds. This occurs most often in the morning while we are in the office. He could be a very good lap cat as he is perfect cuddle size, but can never seem to get comfortable.  Always getting up to reposition with those pokey feet of his.